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​About Us
Dirty Jerzzz Ent. is a father to many ventures that is provided threw threw this label


General Information
C.E.O/OWNER Leroy Williams :

Leroy Williams was introduced to the world of hip hop of the early 80s watching artist like Grand Master Flash, Dj Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, The Sugarhill Gang, and many more. They brought a world of breaking, graffiti, and mixing to the musical and cultural table for the world to take notice. Harsh criticisms from the political community vowed that hip hop would die before its conception could even be completed. Little did those politicians know that hip hop would be embraced in many different households across globe, and used as advertisement and music mediums from national Tv and ringtones to mall store speakers? I guess being a politician doesnt make you a psychic.


Leroy Williams set out to build a hip hop empire from scratch with Mafiosso records, and afterwards, made a move to Cincinnati in the early 90s where he joined forces with Impact entertainment. After differences with Impact entertainment, the Mafiosso founder ventured out on his own to form an assembly rappers named the Gorilla Army and revamped the label name to Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment. While Releasing mix tapes and singles that gained mass attention from hip hop fans across the Midwest, Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment introduced its Paparazzi DVD Magazine. The magazine flourished in eight(8) states introducing indie and main stream artist, additionallly, an expected re-release of the Paparazzi DVD magazine series is set to re-emerge on to the hip hop scene soon.

Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment's main focus is to make a stamp on the world, while empowering others with similar passions to leave their mark. Providing for Family and the desire to pass on the legacy to a family of future generations, Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment continues to build with blood, sweat, and tears. With hopes that those who trust and believe in the Dream of Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment and its founder will find the Dirty Jerzzz experience to be knowledgeable and profitable. Please remember.."We can accomplish little as one, but build an empire as many!"

Dirty Jerzzz Entertainment LLC.

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